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Productivity Tools

There are amazing tools and software available for free on the Internet.  Here are a sampling of some tools we have found useful.  All of the following are third-party products and not affiliated with Ready-Set-Go! consulting in any way.

My Favorites

Ride to work on SEPTA

Sit at my Multiple-Monitor setup with Ultramon toolbars

Provide technical support using CrossLoop

Setup meetings using MeetingWizard

Discuss plans over a conference call using FreeConferencePro

Receive faxes through K7.net

Print PDF files with CutePDF or PDF Creator





MeetingWizard is simple,  professional tool designed for the business setting.  It can be used to coordinate schedules and find the best time for a meeting.

Alternative: MeetWithApproval (paid service): meetwithapproval.com

Evite is the popular, graphic intensive, ad-based web/email scheduling program that is designed for inviting people to parties.

Alternative: crush3r.com
Alternative: www.mypunchbowl.com/
Alternative: www.socializr.com/


There are several free teleconference services available. Individual callers only pay for their own long distance charges (many people have unlimited minutes anyway!).

Free Conference: http://www.freeconference.com/

  • Free: Built-in scheduler
  • For-pay: Desktop sharing and audio recording

Free Conference Calls: http://www.freeconferencecall.com/

  • Free: Audio recording

Free Conference Pro: www.freeconferencepro.com

  • Free: Permanent phone number and custom passcode
  • Free: Custom voice greeting. 
  • Free: Record conversation to MP3.
  • Free: Online control center

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Office Suite

OpenOffice does just about everything that Microsoft Office does (and some things that Microsoft Office doesn't!).  The biggest difference is that OpenOffice is free!


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These free providers will send you email reminders of events or tasks you need to pay attention to.



Please note that Ready-Set-Go! consulting can also provide reminders related to your website.  Please inquire if such reminders might be helpful.



FareCast - Not only does it compare airfare, it predicts whether prices for your flight are going up or down, based on historic trends.


Online collaboration tools

CrossLoop - Allows one person to see and control another person's computer, across the internet.  Free and easy to setup.


Imagination Cubed - Simple online sketchpad -- share, collaborate, send, etc.


Backup Tools

File Backups - By folder, etc

Email Backups - Including Settings and Email

Faxing by Internet

If you have a good internet connection, you may not need a fax machine to send your faxes.  Check out these two resources to find the right service for your volume of faxing:  http://www.savetz.com/fax/ and http://www.faxprices.com/

I have been especially pleased with http://www.K7.net for free incoming faxes (and voicemail, if you want).  You get your own 206 area code phone number and receive faxes to your email address.

Try faxZero for low-volume, free out-going faxes: faxzero.com

See also: Creating PDF files

I also have a client who has done large volume out-going faxes through Metro Hi Speed with great success.

Workspace Productivity

Multiple Monitors; one computer

I don't generally look to Bill Gates as my guru, but I have mimiced this triple monitor setup in my office:


MaxiVista - Let's you use a second computer (laptop or desktop) as a second/dual monitor without any extra hardware. Requires a local network.  Can also serve as a keyboard/monitor/mouse (KVM) sharing tool.  Commercial software. Windows only.


MultiMon - Free software to add an extra toolbar on your multi-monitor setup.


UltraMon - Software to add an extra toolbar on your multi-monitor setup.  Commercial, but worth the investment.


Multiple computers; one keyboard/mouse

Synergy - Lets you control multiple computers from one mouse/keyboard. Works with Windows, Macintosh and Linux as long as they are on the same local network.


Also see MaxiVista below for another software KVM option.  And hardware KVN area also available. 

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